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What is a Branding Audit?

We leverage years of brand building experience to ASSESS how healthy your brand is and offer recommendations and solutions to make it better. We’ll press into your brand and ask the hard questions like:

How strong is your brand language & logo?

How inspiring is your brand to your audience?

How focused are your products?

How integrated is your culture?

We bring exceptional communication skills to the table and will help you embrace your identity, tweak your language, and tell your story.

5 Reasons To Invest In A
Brand Audit From Brand Swivel:


#1: Experienced Leaders

For nearly 20 years, we’ve been helping organizations like yours tell a compelling story to Inspire Followers, Build Brands, and Drive Revenue.

We love it, we’ve done it, we’re good at it and we’re anxious to help your organization move forward.


#2: Skillful Listeners

We‘ll start by listening to your organizational story and assessing the strength and uniqueness of your brand by asking some key questions:

What brand assets do you currently have? What is your identity as a ‘Brand’?

What problem does your brand solve?

What values, words and marks define your brand? What products represent your brand?

How did you get to where you are? Where do you dream of going? What are your challenges?

How consistent is your brand being conveyed across various channels?


#3: Exceptional Wordsmiths

Words matter…a lot.

The way we stitch words together has a significant impact on how our customers perceive our brand. Words distinguish our organizational values, our industry knowledge, our marketing presentations and our product offerings.

We help you assess how well you talk about your brand and tell your organizational story — and we have the experience and skills to help you make the right words work for your brand.

#4: Creative Artists

Great brand language is supported by creative design elements. Our team of Graphic Designers and Visual Architects work tirelessly to help your brand stand out in the marketplace. We asses your brand guidelines and make sure the logo, colors, fonts and related print collateral to make sure your brand creatives are consistent across all channels.

#5: Actionable Recommendations

Getting a consultation without realistic executable action items is a waste of your time. Our Brand Audits won’t leave your team frustrated and overwhelmed. We’ll provide an honest assessment of your brand and provide realistic recommendations that you can get to work on right away. We’ll also offer our services to help you get it all done.


Brand Audits aren’t for everyone. You must have a motivated team, a strong desire for success and a willingness to implement change.

Brand Audits start at $800 for Qualified Organizations

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