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So you have a name, a logo and a few business cards. That’s a great start. But, how well do you TELL your ‘Brand Story’?

More importantly, does anyone know about and care about your brand? It starts with a cohesive communication system that highlights the strength of your brand everyday.

Our Communication Audits are designed to assess your various online and offline communications channels and to identify your Wins, Losses and Gaps.

We’ll provide a comprehensive report with clear action items to help you inspire stakeholders and turn them into loyal promoters of your brand.

What do we get with a Communications Audit?


Every audit comes with our 5 Audit Framework™


We‘ll start by listening to your organizational story and assessing the strength and uniqueness of your brand by asking some key questions: Who are you? How did you get to where you are? Where do you dream of going? What are your challenges? What brand assets do you currently have? How consistent is your brand being conveyed across various channels?


We’ll gather and review all of your current Communications Channels and look for Wins (Keep it up), Losses (Adjust your strategy), and Gaps (Get started). Channels included: Website/App, Social Media, Email, Print Collateral, Signage, Local Publicity and Facilities.


Poor Communications Systems lead to brand reputation issues, inconsistent deliverables, overwhelmed employees, and frustrated customers. We’ll evaluate your current systems that you have in place, and make recommendations for enhanced solutions.


Communication is a bi-directional process. Just because you told your story, doesn’t mean anyone ‘heard’ your story. Maximum traction occurs when your story uniquely connects to your audience. We’ll take some time to understand your ideal audience – and assess how well your story is being conveyed to that audience.


Words matter. How you talk about yourselves is a major factor that affects stakeholder ‘buy in’. We’ll assess the verbiage you use to talk about your brand, the content you deploy to engage your audience and the consistency of your content strategy.

On Site Assessment

One of our seasoned brand specialists will come to you, meet with your team and review all your communications related collateral. That includes your brand assets, your online presence, your advertising efforts, your printed collateral and your company verbiage.

If you have brick and mortar presence that customers visit, we will also evaluate your signage and pay attention to how clear your way-finding signage is, and assess how well your signage supports your overall brand strategy.



Getting a consultation without realistic executable action items is a waste of your time. Our Communication Audits won’t leave your team frustrated and overwhelmed. We’ll provide an honest assessment of your brand and provide realistic recommendations that you can get to work on right away. We’ll also offer our services to help you get it all done.


Communication Audits are perfect for organizations that want to go to the next level and maximize their brand. You must have a motivated team, a strong desire for success and a willingness to implement change.

Communication Audits start at $1200 for Qualified Organizations

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