External Hosting Solutions

Most businesses put little thought into their website and email hosting environment, which is often a costly mistake. We want to help our clients make a STRATEGIC choice for web & email hosting that will result in a faster website, reliable connections, more traffic and more security.

Website Hosting Solution

For websites that BrandSwivel doesn’t create or maintain, we recommend Blue Host web hosting. Here’s why:


Premier WordPress Hosting


Simple Setup & Management


Trusted By Millions of Websites


Fast Servers


Optimized For WordPress

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BlueHost Plan Recommendation: Choose WordPress Hosting > PLUS Plan ($5.95/month)
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Email Hosting Solution

We now recommend that ALL clients separate email hosting from website hosting using Google’s Email Services. Here’s why:


Worldclass Security


Easy Management


HIPPA Compliant


Amazing Support


Only $5/User

Learn more about the enterprise level security offered by Google’s GSuite

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