When it comes to creating an effective marketing strategy for any company, one of the most powerful tools for promotion is how you manage public relations. In public relations, the most widely used and cost effective tools is a press release.

A lot of companies aren’t aware of this, but a well-written press release can increase sales drastically by promoting your company to potential clients/customers. The best thing about gaining exposure is that it can be virtually unlimited, meaning you can never have too much of it on the internet. Through your website and other distribution programs, you are free to post press releases as often as you’d like.

The biggest roadblock for companies is deciding what to write their press releases about. Believe it or not, there are far more topics to publicize then most are aware of. Big news is always ideal, however it’s the small details that will help your exposure online. Take a look at some ideas to write your press releases about:

A launch within the company

New division

New staff hire or a promotion

Additional programs

New services

New products

Updated applications for products

A celebrity endorsement

Involvement in a charity event or community service

Speakers at a conference

Hosting a business event

Receiving an award or recognition

Publishing a white paper or report

Now that you have a topic to write about, it’s time to start writing the press release. The press release should be no longer than one page and should cover all of the details of the newsworthy information that you’re sharing.

While a fair majority of companies hire a publicist or professional writer to create the press release, a lot also write them themselves. If you’re unsure on how to write a press release, take a few of our tips below during the process:

  • The headline should be short and compelling with all the keywords to catch the reader’s attention.
  • The first paragraph should include everything about your release and answer the, ‘who, what, where, when and why.’ The rest of the press release should go further into details.
  • Keep it short, sweet and to the point. A lengthy press release is rarely paid attention to.
  • Just write about the facts. This shouldn’t be a fluffy, poetic article. State the facts in a clear and concise way.
  • Focus on your spelling and grammar. The press release will ultimately reflect your company, and you want it to look professional.
  • Add links. Link can help your ranking on search engines and thus, will help increase the virtual exposure of your company.
  • Don’t forget to include your contact information.
  • Include a call to action. Use your press release to make your readers to want to take action to visit your website or make a purchase.
  • Add media. Photos are always appealing and give the press release some character.

There are several resources online for distributing your press release online, such as:

Sounds simple enough, right? It is! Be sure to use this highly-effective marketing tool, and soon enough you’ll see the benefits of free publicity.