5 Ways Your Brand Can Rebound From Mistakes

by | Oct 16, 2017 | Organizational Systems, The Art of Branding

Sometimes, the Murphy Law takes over and things don’t go as planned. Things get messed up and that impacts your customers. Things happen, no matter how good your systems are. So, what do you do?

Here are 5 things your business must do when you mess up:

1. Be honest.
Let them know you messed up and that you’re NOT ok with that.

2. Be empathetic.
Help them understand that you know how that has impacted them. The more critical the order is — the more empathy you need to show.

3. Be aggressive.
Bend over backwards to fix it. Spare no expense. Go way out of your way to ease the customer’s pain. Lose money if you have to. Just make it right at all costs. Teach your employees to aggressively solve problems.

4. Be communicative.
In the moment, when there’s a problem, usually the biggest thing your customer wants to know is that you are “on it”. Communicate with them more than you think you need to. Lack of communication breeds mistrust and exasperates the problem. Ditch the email and pick up the phone and it will pay huge dividends.

5. Be better. Once the dust settles, figure out what went wrong and implement processes to mitigate future problems. Don’t just evaluate what went wrong, evaluate how your team responded to the issue.