In today’s digital world, having just a website and some social media websites isn’t necessarily going to cut it when it comes to leading in the SEO game. In face, SEO has become to crucial to your company that business owners will hire individuals that specialize in just SEO. However, when hiring an expert in SEO, there is a lot you should know about before bringing them onboard. Take a look at some tips on how to hire an SEO expert.

Get Familiar with SEO Strategy

How can you know what it is exactly that an SEO expert can do if you yourself aren’t sure what an SEO strategy is all about? The first step to hiring is the learn what it’s all about, and in the most simple terms, SEO is all about keyword research. Yes, you can simply find key search terms that relate most to your business, but when it comes time to use them it’s important to understand why you want to drive traffic to your site. Are you an e-commerce site, and you are looking for traffic to increase sales?

A lot of keyword research tools are based off of Google’s Keyword Planner, which lists the traffic, competition and costs per click for Google AdWords campaigns. Now, when it’s time to hire an SEO expert, they will give you a technological edge relating specifically to your niche so you have better search engine rankings.

How to Find the Right SEO Expert

Now that you’re better aware of how to hire the right SEO freelancer, it’s time to go on the hunt for one since you know what to look for.

First and foremost, it’s important to speak to the references of previous clients. What projects has this SEO expert done in the past, how successful were they and how long have they been in business? You want to make sure their references are credible and you get as much positive feedback as you can before moving forward.

Next, ask them about their SEO strategy. The right consultant will have the ability to thoroughly explain what strategies they will use to get your business up in the SEO rankings as well as a time frame for making that happen. Much like a consultation, have them do an initial review of your website so you know exactly what they will be doing and what changed will be made. You always want to make sure you are in the loop with what is going on.

What to Watch Out For

There are always going to be the SEO guys and gals who choose the wrong way to do SEO which will only hurt your more then help you. Some of these strategies include spamming comments sections with links, as these can land you a penalty from Google, which you definitely don’t want.

By taking these tips into consideration, you will be on the right track towards getting better search engine rankings through SEO. For any additional SEO questions, feel free to give us a call today to learn more!