When it comes to social media for your business, you don’t want to slack with it. Social media is one of the most important things marketing wise for your business today, and when you do it, you want to do it right. If you’re running ads on Facebook and looking for ways to make managing multiple pages easier, it’s definitely time for your company to consider transitioning to Facebook Business Manager.

If you’re wondering why you’ll need to switch to Facebook Business Manager and what the benefits are to doing so, read on to see three reasons we believe are great reasons to use it.

More Security

So let’s say hypothetically speaking, you hire someone to manage all of your social media accounts. Let’s also say that this person ends up being a dud and has no interest in the success of your company. So you fire them, but you have to change all the passwords on all of your accounts. Don’t be surprised, this has happened before many times to many businesses.

Business manager allows you to give administrative access to select employees without having to hand them sensitive information like private logins. If you ever get to a point that you need to take then off social media duties, you can simply remove them from the access list.

Making Less Confusion When Posting

One pretty common, and slightly embarrassing, issues that happened quite frequently on local social media business pages is the tendency for those with access to accidently like, comment, share, or even create personal posts from the business page they are working on. This happens way more often then you’d expect.  Business Manager makes it very obvious when you’re signed in to one of your pages, avoiding that confusion!

Say Goodbye to Scaling Issues

Let’s say you’re a small business, but we know that you plan to grow. If you’re dedicated enough to better your marketing by reading this blog post, you’re already on the right track. Great job! Till then you should put systems in place that help you manage and track who does what on your Facebook account. Business manager makes that possible. If you have one of your employees participating in an event or doing something rewarding in your industry, it’s a great idea to have him to publish posts about what he’s doing – but you may not want to hand over the access permanently.

When you have a great marketing team by your side, having an account makes it easy to keep track of special campaigns and page performance. Sometimes it’s best to have a group of professionals take charge and take over your social media accounts. After all, what business owners have all that time to focus on crafting the right posts anyways? If you do Facebook Business Manager is the way to go!


When using the Facebook business manager, your ability to advertise on Facebook significantly increases, meaning that you have far more opportunities to get exposure for your business. You also have more ability to control Ad spending budgets when using the business manager.

Audience Targeting

Along with advertising, you also have the opportunity to connect with a specific target audience when using the Facebook Business Manager. You have the choice to choose your specific audience and what group of people your ads and posts will target.

Do you currently use Facebook Business Manager? Tell us about how it has helped your business manage posting on social media and all of the accounts you use. If you’re seeking additional information about Business Manager, be sure to reach out to our team to learn more about our social media services.