How well is your company communicating to your audience? Companies are often looking for ways to be more strategic in their communications efforts and the message they give out when consumers and clients find them. You can have all of the typical things in place, such as a name, a logo, a website and some business cards. Although those are all extremely important to have, do they really tell your Brand Story?

In reality, to be blunt, does anyone know about and care about your brand? Do they understand you? Does your brand have a personality? Well, now there’s a way to find out. It starts with a cohesive communication system that highlights the strength of your brand everyday and our Communication Audits are designed to assess your various online and offline communications channels and to identify all of the wins, losses and gaps in your company.

So what do we do, exactly? What happens is that we will create a comprehensive report with clear action items to help you inspire stakeholders and turn them into loyal promoters of your brand. There are different types of assessments you can have done too. Take a look…


One of our seasoned brand specialists will come to you, meet with your team and review all your communications related collateral. That includes your brand assets, your online presence, your advertising efforts, your printed collateral and your company verbiage. If you have brick and mortar presence that customers visit, we will also evaluate your signage and pay attention to how clear your way-finding signage is, and assess how well your signage supports your overall brand strategy.


Words matter a lot more then you think. The way we stitch words together has a significant impact on how our customers perceive our brand. The marks or images we use to represent our brand also carry significant weight. We will assess how well you portray your brand and tell your organizational story — and we leverage our experience to recommend changes that will enhance your brand.


Using the right communication tools and operating with efficient systems has a major affect on your team’s productivity. We will audit the tools and systems you use to communicate internally and externally – and offer solutions and recommendations to improve communication efficiency both online and offline.


Getting a consultation without realistic executable action items is a waste of your time. Our Communication Audits won’t leave your team frustrated and overwhelmed. We’ll provide an honest assessment of your brand and provide realistic recommendations that you can get to work on right away. We’ll also offer our services to help you get it all done.


Communication Audits are perfect for organizations that want to go to the next level and maximize their brand. You must have a motivated team, a strong desire for success and a willingness to implement change. Call us today to learn more about getting a communication audit done for you company!