Whether you’re an artist, writer, photographer, entrepreneur, or work in the marketing field, there are going to be plenty of times that you’re going to need to get your creative juices flowing. It may not be the easiest thing all the time, because some times you just won’t be able to find the inspiration. However, you may have to crunch at times to get something done. So if you find yourself in this position that you need to find inspiration, but just can’t, what can you do? Read on to learn a few tips and tricks to help you find inspiration:


Writing is the best thing you can do. Write down your thoughts, ideas, random things, song lyrics, grocery list, etc. Try to write absolutely anything you can everyday. You’ll be surprised how much you find out about yourself and your thoughts when you put them all out on paper. it can be pretty therapeutic too!


If there’s one thing mostly all successful entrepreneurs have in common, it’s that they read. Read book, magazines, newspapers, blogs, etc. Read about subjects inside and outside of your industry. This will widen your knowledge and get your brain to do something expanding.

Change Your Surroundings:

Nothing can dull your inspiration more then feeling stuck in the same place all the time. Why not change your surroundings?  This especially goes for at-home entrepreneurs. Try working from a coffee shop or an cafe where you can sit outside or just get away from the usual place you work from all the time.


When you’re looking for inspiration, traveling is definitely the pale to find it. It’s amazing to see how the rest of the world lives and you can easily get inspiration from indulging in new ways of doing things and discovering new things you probably didn’t know existed.

Ask Around:

Don’t be afraid to ask! Sometimes it’s helpful to gain someone else’s perspective on a certain topic or subject. You can always hop on a website such as  Quora or Reddit, which can be excellent resources to get information from other entrepreneurs.

Physical Fitness:

Working out is just good for you and your body and it does more than give you physical benefits. There are a ton of mental benefits you can get from working out. Staying in shape can also keep you more alert and focused and it can help keep your mind off of anything clouding your inspiration.

Remove Distractions:

Distractions are all around us. They are on your cell phone, the TV, the internet, and it may even be a roommate who’s trying to get you to leave for happy hour. If you have work to get done, remove anything that is distracting you from getting it done.

Listen to Music:

Sometimes listening to new music can help spark your brain’s creativity. Sometimes that might work where silence fails but it really depends on the individual. Some like music in the background, and some don’t. It’s worth a try though, right?

Have ‘You’ Time:

Take a vacation, get more sleep, do whatever it takes to get in the right place for yourself. Once you are there, creativity will come more naturally. Just spend some time focusing on you and your needs.

Be Open:

Looking for inspiration from successful entrepreneurs is a good idea, but low-level employees might have just as much insight. Be open to everyone’s perspective. You never know where you can get good information from.